climate change will lead to the mark of the beast


AS PROPHESIED - Pope Francis: The Problem of Climate Change Is ‘a Religious Problem  

AS PROPHESIED! World Economic Forum wants to CRIMINALIZE 'Climate Inaction'!


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The natural disasters are here to herald the arrival of Jesus Christ
The Pope invented climate change to hide that truth and create a reason to enforce
his coming mark.


Christian Prophecy is THAT Accurate!
The above was Early 2020
Below Video pic was
posted on YouTube June 30, 2021

Do Facts Show Global Warming? NO!
Do Facts Show Jesus is Returning? YES!

News agencies coordinate to promote climate change agenda - 400 outlets told to 'blanket airwaves'

The above chart PROVES global warming is NOT killing people! (source)

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." -Club of Rome

VIDEO: See Gore admit global-warming warning 'torqued'







































Pope wants Climate Change to
enforce Mark by 2027!

as Prophesied

Mask-less Woman Attacked - Next: Christians!




Greta works for Rome

 Pope to use Military FORCE
to push Climate Change Worldwide

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funny Dilbert

If climate change was legit, why then are all the banks that are owned by the powers that be who happen to be the same that push global warming still
selling real estate and offering 30 year mortgages on the shores of Florida and other states wherein they claim will be under water in as little as ten years?


The day of test and purification is just upon us. Signs of a most startling character appear, in floods, in hurricanes, in tornadoes, in cloudbursts, in casualties by land and by sea, that proclaim the approach of the end of all things. The judgments of God are falling on the world, that men may be awakened to the fact that Christ will come speedily. (Review & Herald, November 8, 1892)

Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

Delingpole: Environment Canada Airbrushes 100 Years of Inconvenient Climate Data out of History

It's official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005
(in other words, the Pope LIED)

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VIDEO: Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Climate Change: The Facts, Keynote 4, ICCC10
(Entertaining as well as Scientifically correct)

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Experts on Climate Change Assessment: ‘Every Conclusion of This Latest Government Report Is False’
(Lehr said the report is filled with “blatantly absurd conclusions” designed to put more money and power into the hands of the United Nations.)

Delingpole: Now YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’

Global Warming Is A blatant LIE & This video scientifically Proves it
CO2 levels today the same as in 1910

(in other words, the Pope is lying)

30 amazing years of failed climate-alarm predictions

GLOBALWARMING? Scientists Observe Coldest Temperatures Ever on Earth’s Surface

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Delingpole: Climate Alarmists Finally Admit ‘We Were Wrong About Global Warming
DELINGPOLE: ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth, Say 58 Scientific Papers in 2017

31,487 Scientists confirm Global Warming is wrong
Oops! Rising CO2 proves beneficial to 'greening' Earth 
Big List: Now scientists want U.S. out of U.N. climate agency
(300 agree: 'Actions … not scientifically justified')


Seeing how all of us are on the same planet, we can all agree that there are many strange things happening all around the world in regards to the weather and the changes in the environment. And many can assume that the term "climate change" is valid simply because of all that; BUT, first and foremost, the term “climate change” only came about after the Pope hired Al Gore to push a certain agenda. When Gore agreed to push this agenda for Pope John Paul II as I shared in an old video, they had a 50/50 chance at guessing what was happening with the climate in a way they could cultivate hysteria around the world. And I must say I still chuckle to this day that they didn’t even get that right.

What I mean is, it's not global warming as the Pope told Al Gore to promote. It’s actually global cooling. That’s why they changed the name of their agenda to climate change. And yes, the Pope in Rome is at the forefront of this lie because the office of Pope was prophesied to do this to help enforce the mark and so every Pope is not actually who you think they are. If you trust the Bible and well documented historic referencing, then see me characteristics of Antichrist page to get the truth about the Popes of Rome.  I not only list dozens of prophecies about the fruits, characteristics and antics of the Antichrist; I show using verified historic record that every prophecy ever uttered in the Word of God regarding Antichrist have been fulfilled 100% to the letter by all the Popes of Rome. No, not as one man, as some false prophets today are claiming with their strange numerological theology found nowhere in the Bible regarding their titles and 666, but as an ongoing office of Pope as the Bible defines it or as the beast system as obedient students of prophecy have been declaring lately.

Let me ask you this.. if Russia wanted to infiltrate America, they would send a spy that acts just like an American, right? Yes, that's how it’s always worked. Well the same is true with the Government of our God, and the many embassies He has on our world, which most understand to be churches today.

As we also know, Satan hates the Lord with a passion and so he created a religious organization that borrows just enough truth from Christianity to make it appear as a church to billions of people that refuse to truly study the Word that was written by the God of New Jerusalem. He does this to infiltrate God's people so as to lead them to destruction just as a Russian spy would do for his government. And since the Pope of Rome became the leader of the One World Church on June 26, 2000 just as prophecy said he would, and the Roman International Criminal Court became his globally recognized legal system by all nations in bed with him as of March 2001, all the churches and governments of the world are right now bowing to the Pope as their Bibles predicted they would in Revelation 13:3.

All too often people like to use one or two prophecies from the Scriptures to claim a certain man or even a certain country is the Antichrist, the man of sin, or even the whore of Babylon. But that's not how prophecy works. 100% of all the prophecies regarding the government and or beast system of Antichrist must be fulfilled in one entity. Yes, many nations are in fact antichristian just as most leaders are. But when it comes to who leads them, all the prophecies must point in one place. Not just 2 or 4 of them.

Satan has them believing his lies over and above the truth as it is written; and the easiest way for him to do that is to keep them out of the bible and under the control of the many false prophets Jesus spoke of that like ravenous wolves are not sparing the flock from the clutches of the devil today.

Our God is very accurate. In fact when it comes to prophecy, it says in Isaiah 46:9-10 says, “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,  10,  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:”

Our God saw all of it happen thousands of years before it ever came into the minds of men. And that is why Satan keeps people out of the Bibles today because being the very last days, prophecy is fulfilling all over the place. And yes, this is why the Vatican has been instrumental from day one to either chain Bibles on pulpits to prevent people from reading them or translating them into the dead language of Latin so only the prelates that study Latin can understand and then in our day they have re-written so many Bibles that I lost count. Rome and Satan know that if the people open that book they will see how easily the Popes and their end time agenda on global warming will be exposed.

And in all the Bible colleagues they have taught the students to rely on traditions of mankind when studying the Word. This approach to the Bible in a haphazard way is an insult to the God that wrote it with perfect clarity. And so, when the Bible speaks of an antichrist, don’t go asking mankind who that antichrist is. If our God prophesied of him in the Bible He wrote, then one can rest assured He will define him in that same Bible.

That means, unless 100% of the prophecies being presented match one man, and that means ALL of the prophecies, and not just one or two, then that man cannot be the long prophesied Antichrist. And yes, for those of you that don't like to read a lot, as there is a ton of info proving the Popes are Antichrist, there are many videos on my characteristics of Antichrist page as well. But make sure you have your bible open when reading it or watching the videos. You must never rely on me or any man as the final say. Let the Bible do all the talking so as to be sure of the context presented. I also have a summarized video showing 11 of my favorites prophecies exposing Antichrist posted there as well.

So.. assuming you have checked out the data about the Pope being Antichrist and you know for a fact, as did all founders of every denomination stated in writing over the centuries, that he is Antichrist, then the information I am about to share about his reasons for promoting the lie about global warming will make perfect sense to you. But even though it is actually global cooling and not global warming as nearly 32,000 real scientists have declared in writing regarding the Pope’s bought and paid for handful of 100 scientists who say otherwise, it still has nothing to do with what the Pope's claiming here.

What I mean is, it doesn’t matter if the planet is cooling, warming or staying the same. Their claim is only put out there to have the reason to do what they need to do to enforce the mark of the beast. They could care less about the climate. It’s only their means to an end.

Satan knows the end time prophecies better than we do. Seeing how the Popes of Rome were prophesied to worship Satan and have been caught red handed doing so on camera and many of you that watch my videos know about, they will naturally do as their dying god demands of them. And so even though most know the planet is not actually warming at all, they will still lie and declare it as such because to lie is to obey Satan and that is the duty of any lost soul in his camp.

In fact, the prelates of the church of Rome admit in writing that if they lie to you and you know for a fact it is a lie, you still have to believe them regardless because they demand worship.. and I can prove it. Notice this quote from the Jesuit order’s founder, Ignatius de Loyola.

"The Grand Rule"
"For an inferior readily to declare his assent and consent to his Superior in active obedience when he says,
the snow is black, or the crow is white...

...we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." -The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141, -By Ignatius de Loyola

Now.. even though we all know Al Gore was proven wrong by every honest person alive on the same planet Gore is standing on by simply stepping outside on any day of the year, and some that do their homework know he was actually hired by Pope John Paul II many years ago to push a "global warming" agenda so as to do what prophecy said the man of sin will do when it comes to cultivating an excuse to enforce the mark of the beast in a way most people will miss, the fact global warming has been proven a lie won't stop them from pushing ahead on this because they must do as their dying god commands; and the lie itself will actually help them to enforce the mark anyway; and so they will definitely keep pushing this. In fact they have invested billions into this agenda and simply cannot afford to admit they messed up because in so doing will mean no one will believe them when they say they changed their warning from global warming to global cooling. Still, none of this matters as Christian prophecy WILL be fulfilled! It is that accurate. That mark will be enforced, and so the Pope that stands in office on any given day will continue to do as Satan commands of him. And as the Russian spy will claim to be American, the Popes of Rome will always claim to be Christians to keep those Satan’s deems as a threat under his thumb.

And so.. what’s really happening out there, and how will the Pope use it all to get what he needs to get done? Do you recall when the Lord descended upon Mount Sinai back then and how the people and the mountain itself trembled at His very presence?

Exodus 19:16-18  And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.  17,  And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the nether part of the mount.  18,  And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.”

As the day of our Lord's return comes closer to fruition, we also see the world is trembling. In fact, was it not prophesied by Jesus Himself when He said this in Luke 21:11? He said, “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”

Were you aware that we are right now averaging 2000 to over 4000 earthquakes a week? And not too long ago we had 6330 quakes in one week? We have also seen natural disasters all over the world get worse and more frequent with each passing day. This includes hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, quakes and volcanic eruptions just to name a few. Satan knows these strange occurrences to be a major sign of the end and so he will most assuredly use them to his advantage.

And for you young people that think it’s always been this way. Yes, it has during your lifetime, but it wasn’t this way when I was a child, it wasn’t this way when my parents were young, and I know for a fact my grandparents didn’t have such disasters happening weekly in their lifetimes.

Now get this. Yes, the natural disasters are all part of those great signs we’re looking at. But did you know that even the animals, birds, fish and insects were also prophesied to be dying in biblical proportions all over the planet? That fact alone confirms the prophecy of Hosea 4:1-3 is being fulfilled as we speak.

Notice what that prophet said will happen right before Jesus returns. And keep in mind, when he uses the name Israel here, he is speaking of the Christians in the last days. See my “Who is Israel” page and video to confirm this when you get time. The name Israel is only attributed to obedient Christians.

Notice how Hosea described the sinfulness of society in this prophecy which locks down the fact that he is speaking of our day. It says this in Hosea 4:1-3  Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.  2,  By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.  3,  Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

Christian prophecy is THAT accurate and that is why the Pope under the direction of his dying god does all he can to not only re-write Bibles, he teaches all those that follow him that the Bible is not to be trusted. In fact, I have many quotes on my words of a beast page wherein the Popes have declared the Bible a “dead and speechless book” or a “poisoner of souls” so as to prevent people from reading it.

Rome and Satan knows all these signs mean Jesus is coming soon. And yes, this is why the Vatican has a telescope named “Lucifer” in Arizona fixed on the eastern sky they peer into quite often so as to have the jump on everyone when they push their final acts of rebellion to try and help Satan win.

The last few Popes have all been moved by Satan to confuse the masses as to why all the natural disasters are happening in the world today so as to make it appear it’s not about prophecy at all. His claim is that it's all our fault and we as humans can do something to curb the natural disasters; when in fact nothing can be done to stop what the Lord said He will do. Did not the Lord say though his prophet Isaiah a moment ago that “My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.” He will return and He will make it very obvious He is returning before He gets here and that is why they do all they can to belittle the Bible.

Everything about global warming is a lie. It's all smoke and mirrors. In fact, were you aware the CO2 levels they keep claiming are the reason for all the disasters have been confirmed by thousands of scientists to be at the exact same level they were back in 1910 before all the trains, cars, planes and factories we see belching out smoke today came into society? Some weren't even invented yet. This planet was designed by an all knowing God. It is designed to recycle itself perfectly. Did you know the water you drink today is the same water Adam and Eve drank in their day? That means the air we breathe is also the same.

But now for some facts that show the Pope and his cohorts are doing what they can to get their agenda met quickly. Were you aware the US Government awarded $1Billion to all 50 States to prepare for climate change back in 2016? We all know it's a farce, right? Common sense dictates that no money will stop it even if it was true. In fact, if the president gave each State $1Trillion dollars, it wouldn't stop what Christ penned in His Word. So, what's the $1Billion going to be used for? You guessed it. Enforcement of the mark! Good judgment dictates that since they cannot use the money to stop what was prophesied to happen, they will only be using it so as to do as prophecy said is really going to happen.

The Pope knows exactly what he's looking at here, and he knows he cannot stop what's already begun. Hence the reason for that telescope in Arizona; it's the final prophecy and he knows it because his dying god is very aware his time is short and he will use the Pope in every way he can to make sure his charred trophy case gets filled.

Seeing how it shows he and his dying god have little time left to lure many into hellfire with them, they have come up with the scheme that makes many think we can do something about this to stop it, and so the money flows in that perverted circle of reasoning to get everyone to follow their lead. Well.. for the sheeple that don't read Bibles that is. Prophecy spoke of the disasters and animals, birds, fish and insects dying and so as students of prophecy we know exactly what we’re looking at here.

Of course they cannot force real Christians to believe them because Jesus said the elect can NOT be deceived. But since Beelzebub also knows about the Loud Cry that's already begun, he needs to set up his foundation before the present truth goes forth in global peals of heaven sent thunder as the people saw at Sinai thousands of years ago. He must have his "climate change" fiasco set up as believable and embraced by all political leaders so as to declare we all need to keep Sunday holy to try and stop the calamities. And for those that were shocked at that last statement. See my February of 2005 Truth Provided Newsletter wherein I show how they already starting claiming we need to keep Sunday holy to stop the disasters. They actually claimed in writing that the "Christmas Tsunami" that killed 300,000 people was the end result of people refusing to go to church on Sunday! They’ve already started to do as we have been saying they would do for decades. But they never said the churches that were in that area holding services during that disaster were filled with dead bodies going to church on that Sunday. Obedience to Rome didn’t help them one bit, did it?

Truth is, Satan will declare this only because the Loud Cry puts forth the present truth in a way he simply cannot refute. And so as usual he will use his lies as well as physical force via the powers that be to demand anyone keeping the true seventh day Sabbath holy and not the Roman Sunday Sabbath will be punished. And unless you are an obedient Christian who has been blessed with perfect peace from Jesus, you will not be able to escape his lies. Satan will push his agenda first with the loss of the ability to buy and sell, and then, when the weak ones that haven’t been reading their Bibles have been weeded out, he then goes after the strong ones that have been in the Word daily with the death penalty that demands they break the true Sabbath to keep Sunday holy or die. This is why there are already 30,000 guillotines in American storage facilities as we speak. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

Satan (and his recently exposed cohorts in Rome) believes demanding Sunday laws will target the remnant people, which it will. And he believes it will stop the message we preach, which it won't.

Truth is, when they legally make God's law void, the calamities will actually get much much worse. Satan knows this and so he uses the expected increase to declare all Sabbath keepers are the reason for the increase and therefore worthy of death now because we refuse to keep Sunday holy and therefore are the reasons the disasters got much worse. It gives him the perfect reason to legalize our deaths globally by this time and since most people are conditioned via their violent TV shows, video games, music and sports to see nothing wrong with such violence, he will demand we must die because the natural disasters HAVE gotten worse due to his making God's law void.

Satan knows Psalms 119:126 says, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." Prophecy WILL be fulfilled and he knows it! And so this is why they are even talking about "pay-per-view executions" being "money makers" in the media. Did you see my video on that one? They are readying the masses for what the insanity of what prophecy says will soon happen. They have even started talking points on the use of guillotines and it was actually written into Obamacare when that folderol was penned. I actually did 5 videos on those guillotines.

Yes, most of the world will believe Satan who by now is standing on earth claiming to be Jesus Christ incarnate, and they will do whatever he commands through his man of sin in Rome because lies are now the people's comfort zone, and so we the remnant people will be hated and hunted simply because we want to obey God rather than man. All the world will believe the calamities are our fault because we refuse to keep Sunday holy which the Pope and his fake Christ, who is now physically glorifying himself before the eyes of mankind, are both declaring worldwide on every TV, Newspaper, Tablet, Cell Phone, Radio and Pulpit that we need to die so that the majority of the people on earth can live. And yes, that is an exact echo of what Satan moved the church leaders to do to our precious Saviour 2000 years ago. Notice what it says in John 11:49-51  And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all,  50,  Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.  51,  And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation;

Prophecy will be fulfilled and those calamities will get far worse as they seek to kill us, and then those that receive the mark of the beast will have to deal with God's wrath just as He warned they would. The plagues will fall upon them. What’s worse, the lost souls that have the mark believed the lies so much that now they will ignore with their own eyes how the plagues are not affecting God remnant people in any way shape or form. Yet they are experiencing abject horror on a daily basis.

Yes, we may see warmer Winters and somewhat colder Summers as the return of the Lord draws nigh. But the Word of our God is plain. The climate will NEVER change completely as the Pope and his lying scientists claim for it is written in Genesis 8:22, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

And so when the Pope says global warming will destroy the world, he is actually calling your Christian God a liar! But because the Pope and Satan know most people don't read or even trust their Bibles, they boldly lie in ways that any babe in Christ with Bible in hand can grant peace unto any obedient child of God by simply showing them that verse.

Satan and his bride in Rome know why the disasters as well as the national turmoil from immigration problems to actual war and even the fear welling up in the hearts of mankind are all part and parcel to all that was prophesied to happen right before the Lord returns. The Lord blessed His children with all these warnings but as usual, only those that love Him and study His Word will be able to see all this. We know all of this is happening because Jesus is soon to come. The rest of the world just thinks it’s climate change and see no danger whatsoever and will be totally caught off guard when the plagues actually start. And so we will see with our own eyes what was prophesied long ago in 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4 which was, “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.  3,  For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.  4,  But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.”

In short.. they believed the lies and therefore will not be prepared for the end, and we believed the truth and are prepared even now.

I believe the main reason the
man of sin in Rome is pushing global WARMING is because of what happens in plague #4. Satan has that much control over these Popes. The devil knows he needs to gather his troops for Armageddon so as to surround the 144,000 when that all the powers of the world gather for that one hour with the beast. All the violence in Hollywood, sports, video games, music and society itself with legalized abortion and doctor assisted suicide has cultivated the demonic mindset that killing your fellow man is no big deal by now. But when the plagues begin Satan will have the perfect means by which to blame the obedient Christians and when plague #4 hits, which is all about the Sun which they worship scorches the planet with the heat they deserve. The Pope's global warming claims will finally appear valid in the eyes of billions at this time and it will be the final straw he needs to break the back of common sense and moral decency so as to move the crazed minds of billions into a feverish bloodthirsty pitch so that by the time plague #7 is preparing to fall, they will be ready, willing and able to seek us out to kill us. But not to worry brothers and sisters, if you are in that number. the Bible says clearly that the 144,000 CANNOT DIE. And all those that surround us will in fact die when that plague hits.

That all being said… Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?

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  56. THE POPE SAID WHAT?! Pope’s Lenten message includes environment damage as ‘wounds of Christ’
  57. Private homeownership interferes with fight against climate change, professor argues
  58. Scientist suggests eating human flesh to fight climate change
  59. Roman Catholic Homosexual Mayor Pete Buttigieg Warns of Climate Change Inaction: ‘We Could See Climate Wars in the Future’
  60. ROMAN CATHOLIC U.N. Chief Sees Climate Doom Everywhere: ‘Floods, Drought, Heatwaves, Wildfires and Super Storms’
  61. LOL - WHAT?! VIDEO: Inslee: As President I Can Stop the Influx of Migrants by Solving Climate Crisis
  62. AOC Blames Oil Refinery Explosion on ‘Climate Change’
  63. Millennials not saving money due to climate change
  64. ‘Scientific Response’ to My Global Warming Op-Ed Is Really Stupid
  65. LOL: Ocasio-Cortez claims climate change is driving migrant crisis
  66. 'Daft' story of loud whales gets 'tallest climate tale' award
  67. WHAT?! Cleaner air could mean more global warming, expert says
  68. Hurricane Season Stirs Up Climate Debate in Houston: Activist Claims ‘Environmental Racism’
  69. LOL-WHAT?! Climate Change Activist: Extreme Weather Is Sexist, Targets Women and Girls
  70. WHAT?! VIDEO: Study links 'climate change' to rise in suicides
  71. Iranian General Accuses Israel of Causing Drought by Stealing Clouds
  72. Physicist: Climate Scientists Are Giving Science a Bad Name
  73. Meet face of Democratic Party's queen of performance art (spirit cooking)
  74. Al Gore warns worst of climate change will be felt by black and poor people
  75. Academics Find ‘Climate Change’ Not Responsible for Displacement, Conflict in Africa
  76. Climate Change Could Make Opioid Crisis Worse, Claims Professor
  77. World Bank Prophesies ‘Over 140 Million’ Will Face Forced Migration Due to Climate Change
  78. Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sue Oil Companies for ‘First Degree Murder’
  79. Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change
  80. Author warns everything now about global warming
  81. VIDEO: Why people are nixing having kids because of climate change
  82. Huh? Left piping hot on cold snap as global-warming proof
  83. Parts of Niagara Falls Freeze as Numbing Cold Wave Grips U.S.
  84. 13 scientific studies suggest 'Little Ice Age' looming
  85. "Religious leaders" join with Pope on Climate Change
  86. California May Let People Dissolve Their Corpses to Stop Climate Change
  87. Satellite Snafu Masked True Sea Level Rise for Decades (Only problem? Earth is not actually gettign warmer!)
  88. WHAT?! Having children is one of the most destructive things you can to do the environment, say researchers
  89. Now climate catastrophists forecast 2 billion refugees!
  90. Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China
  91. VIDEO: Climate huckster Al Gore just made a shocking claim that will make you laugh until it hurts!
  92. VIDEO: Chelsea Clinton: 'Climate Change' Connects To 'Child Marriage' WHAT?!
  93. Gloria Steinem: Forced Childbirth ‘the Fundamental Cause of Climate Change’
  94. VIDEO: Al Gore: Global Warming a ‘Principal’ Cause of the Syrian Civil War, Brexit
  95. California targets dairy cows to combat global warming
  96. Climate Change Is Such an Elaborate Hoax That There's Now an Octopus in a Miami Garage
  97. Pope Francis: to fight hunger combat climate change
  98. Climate change remedies could spark … war!
  99. France bans plastic forks, spoons to fight climate change
  100. VIDEO: Barbara Kay: Professor blames "global warming" on "Islamophobia"!
  101. 'Peak absurdity': Islamophobia accelerating global warming?
  102. Swedish Govt Spends Millions Telling Citizens To Eat Insect “Meat” To End Climate Change
  103. Global-warming claim: There'll be no air
  104. U.N. chief: Global warming 'not visible'
  105. Prince Charles: climate change is a root cause of Syrian war
  106. Sanders: Climate change 'major' security risk
  107. Obama: Embrace Climate-Change agenda to fight terror
  108. UN warns of climate change's effect on children
  109. VIDEO: Unmitigated climate change to shrink global economy by 23 percent
  110. City bans new gas stations due to global warming  
  111. Climate Change Might Be Hurting Your Sex Life  
  112. Bernie Sanders: Climate change is directly related to terrorism
  113. Climate change causes no more red headed babies!?
  114. Climate change causes more UFO sightings
  115. Global warming to make Earth spin faster
  116. Climate change will cause pasta to become extinct
  117. Climate change causes suicide

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Exposed: How Climate Racketeers Aim to Force Us into Smart Gulags * Pope Francis on Prayer for Creation Day: Caring for the environment is an ‘act of love’ (Translation: Pray for the planet over the people) * Pope Francis calls climate change deniers ‘fools’ in US TV interview (He needs to read Matthew 5:22)


FBI Seeks Suspects Behind New Mexico Fires, Refuting Climate Change Narrative * Mayor Calls for “Permanent Car-Free Sunday Ordinance” * Arnold Schwarzenegger Climate Change Tirade: ‘We Have to Do Whatever it Takes to Stop the Bleeding in Order to Save Our Children’ (yet he drives this?!) * Hillary Clinton Pressuring Hollywood to Target Young Children with Climate Change Propaganda * It’s Been 6 Years Since Greta Thunberg Warned We Have 5 Years to Stop the Extinction of Humanity * Pope Francis Issues His Apostolic Letter Fratello Sole (Brother Sun) to Transition the Vatican State to a Sustainable Development Model in Line with Laudato Si’ * Flatulent Cows, Sheep, and Pigs Face World’s First Carbon Tax in Denmark

Pagans Protesting Pagans? Now THAT's Rich!  * Climate superfund law blasted as 'shakedown' * VIDEO: WOW! 'What Percentage Of The Atmosphere Is Made Up Of Carbon Dioxide?': McCormick Grills CA Air Official * Alarmists Warn of ‘Heat Dome’ over U.S. Tied to Human-Induced Climate Change * Farmer Outrage as EU Adopts Green ‘Nature Restoration Law’ by Slimmest Possible Margin * Pope Francis meets with CEOs of Major Banks and Corporations seeking ways to stop Climate Change Because Government Laws are too slow * Over 100 Million People in 1,500 Cities Around the World will Celebrate Car-free Sunday on September 22, 2024 * Jesuits to Host Ecumenical Worship Service with Protestants to demand LAWS on Climate Action * Pope Francis demands Roman Catholic Teaching to Govern Financial Industry World-wide!

Jesuits will Host an Ecumenical Worship Service with Protestants as Part of a Plan to Petition Political Parties for Climate Action * Nine years after Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, Muslims launch a counterpart * VIDEO: Roman Catholic U.N. Chief: Fossil Fuel Companies ‘Godfathers of Climate Chaos’ * Penn Launches Post of ‘Vice Provost for Climate Science' * VIDEO: Roman Catholic Biden hypes climate change as 'existential threat'  

VIDEO: Pope Francis Urgent Call for Climate Action via Weekly Earth Sabbath * PAPAL SUCCESS: Doomsday coming soon? 48% believe they’ll live to see climate change destroy Earth ‘during their lifetime’ * Baptist Church celebrates green Sunday, promotes environmental stewardship * VIDEO: Pope pushing "weekly Earth Sabbath" to combat Climate Change at G7 * As Prophesied! The Pope has a website demanding an "WEEKLY Earth Sabbath" using CLIMATE CHANGE! * Public schools push 'climate crisis' narrative * Vermont Becomes First State to Force Oil Companies to Pay for ‘Climate Change’ * Humanity's Climate Impact Like Dinosaur-ending Meteor: UN Chief (he's lying) * Penn creates climate change vice provost role


Report: Rich countries make a killing when they loan money for climate agenda (AGAIN, it's all about the MONEY!) * VIDEO: The ‘E’ in ESG: How the Left Injects Climate Alarmism into America’s Boardrooms * Jet-Setting Archbishop of Canterbury Accused of Climate ‘Hypocrisy’ * VIDEO: The ‘S’ in ESG: Shifting Society Toward the Far-Left’s Vision of America * Nolte: ‘Experts’ Demand Even More Global Warming Alarmism in Movies (Remember This?) * VIDEO: CA Legislature Considers Bill Banning Schools from Notifying Parents of Gender Changes and Newsom tries to make it about CLIMATE CHANGE?!

Bill Gates Pushes Vaccinations in Food Supply to ‘Fight Climate Change’ * Biden wants companies to disclose climate risks

Pope Francis: World Nearing ‘Breaking Point’ from Climate Change (He's doing exactly as prophesied!) * Reducing Immigration Now More Important to Europeans Than Climate Change * SICK: Climate Scientist Suggests “Culling” the Human Population with a Deadly Pandemic to Solve the “Climate Crisis” * Newsom Says Climate Change Partly to Blame for California Budget Deficit * International summit on climate change to bring California, New York governors to the Vatican

Climate Activists Arrested for Vandalising France’s Palace of Versailles with Orange Powder * Hillary Clinton group wired $500,000 to climate activists behind disruptive protests * Islam emulates Pope's Laudator Si' (par for the course) * Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 Million Superyacht Sparks Controversy Amidst Climate Activism

Pope: Climate Change Deniers Are ‘Stupid’ (See proof he's lying) * Biden now pushing the Pope's climate agenda on power grid * Florida Student Targeted with Cease and Desist by Taylor Swift Reveals Climate Crusader Flew 178,000 Miles in One Year * The Vatican should do more to influence UN climate action

  1. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-24-24 Meteorologist warns of ‘Weather Wars’ between countries (they will also use this tech to foster more fear of "climate change") * VIDEO: Biden focusing in on 'climate emergency' to gain youth vote * Earth Day Poll: ‘Climate Change’ Last Priority for Americans * Lost to 'climate anxiety': A whole (brainwashed) generation * Earth Day: Americans Are Far More Worried About Bidenflation Than Climate Change * How a climate-focused court is threatening democratic principles
  2. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-17-24 Catholic, Christian groups share faith-driven plan for 'climate adaptation' with Congress * Earth Rotation Faster or Slower? Corporate Media Can’t Get Fear Porn Straight (ROTFL) * VIDEO: BBC presenter gets destroyed * VIDEO: MIC DROP moment! * Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund Launches $100 Million Challenge to ‘Fix’ Climate with AI
  3. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-10-24 AS PROPHESIED - Catholic, Christian groups share faith-driven plan for 'climate adaptation' with Congress * NJ Senate Candidate Deletes Post Blaming ‘Climate Crisis’ for Northeastern Earthquake * William Shatner Uses Solar Eclipse to Promote Climate Change Activism: ‘What’s the Point of Going into Space, You Can’t Come Back’ * VIDEO: ABC’s Hostin Links Eclipses, Earthquakes, Cicadas to Climate Change * EPA awards billions from Biden's climate bill to organizations loaded with Dem insiders * Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere * Scientists just test-fired a cloud device over American soil with the ultimate aim of blocking sunlight * News giant pushes journalists to avoid reporting 'other side' (the 'other side' being the truth about climate change)
  4. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-03-24 VIDEO: 'Climate lockdowns’ resurface in attempt to address global emissions * 14 US Cities Unite to Ban Meat, Dairy Consumption, & Private Vehicles * Prof to lecture on 'surplus' white nationalism and its 'climate obstruction' * From Miami to Melbourne, a quiet revolution is underway to fend off a silent and invisible killer
  5. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-27-24 Cascade of climate rules starts today with clean cars * VIDEO: Climate Expert Bjorn Lomborg Decries ‘Weather Porn’ from Alarmists * PANIC IN BRUSSELS: Climate Alarmists Lose Again, as EU Shelves ‘Nature Law’ for Lack of Support In Another Victory for Protesting Farmers * VIDEO: Senator John Kennedy Destroys Woke Skier Brought by Democrats to Testify as an “Expert” Witness on “Climate Change” – Then Reads Out the Skier’s Damning Old Tweets * Migration Drives Population of London to Record High, Straining Housing Market and Social Services * The river is essentially dead': Enviros' push to save salmon killed 'hundreds of thousands' of them' * What’s really happening with emissions and the climate crisis in Australia
  6. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-20-24 Climate bureaucrats giving China a free pass on its massive pollution * Singapore and its 'climate change' economic affairs headaches * Jihad against Christians is due to … climate change? * 2024 Paris Summer Olympics Cancel Air Conditioning Due to Climate Concerns * U.N. Weather Agency Issues ‘Red Alert’ over Climate Crisis  
  7. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-13-24 2 Convicted in Plot to Tamper with NOAA Climate-Gauges Devices – Was This Fraudulent Data Used? * Climate Bureaucrats Give China a Free Pass * Green Agenda to ‘Disproportionately Hit Lower-Income Consumers’ Admits UK Gov’t Energy Regulator
  8. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-06-24 Cars Ordered to Rest on Sundays or Face $3,257 Fine * United Nations set to call on Americans to reduce meat consumption * 'Everything is gone': Wildfire ravages America's cattle center * VIDEO: WOW: Bernie Says Biden Should Take Executive Action on Border… Then Blames The Invasion On Climate Change * California man first in US charged with smuggling greenhouse gases
  9. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-28-24 Remember the Sabbath (Sunday) to Stop Global Warming! * VIDEO: Climate Scientist Says Climate Change Alarmism is Rewarded by the Media and Higher Education * Climate Change Accounts for Mongolia’s Deep Freeze, Alarmists Say (Global WARMING?)
  10. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-21-24 Biden’s Transgender HHS Official: ‘Climate Change’ Is Racist * Pope Francis urges world leaders to act on climate change as planet nears ‘point of no return’ 
  11. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-14-24 Critical Atlantic Ocean current system is showing early signs of collapse, prompting warning from scientists (more MUD for the wall) * BUSTED (again) Friendly Reminder: 1936 Recorded the Hottest Temperatures in the United States – So Why Are They Hiding this Data?
  12. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-07-24 Smithsonian Links Ancient Roman Plagues to ‘Climate Change’ (ROTFL) * Next Stop Brussels: French Farmers Vow to Take Tractor Protest Against Green Agenda to Heart of the EU * Elon Musk Calls for Carbon Tax in Lockstep with WEF * Alarmists Praise ChatGPT as Defender of ‘Climate Emergency’ * Alarmists Praise ChatGPT as Defender of ‘Climate Emergency’ (They don't realize AI is programmed by HUMANS) * VIDEO: Biden cracks down on manufacturing with new climate rules despite warnings on economic impact
  13. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-31-24 VIDEO: Extreme cold triggers frost quakes * Biden's climate czar dodges when asked how blocking natural gas projects will lower emissions * One country went all in on green insanity. Now, its economy is crumbling * ‘Siege of Paris’ — Farmers Shut Down Entrances to French Capital in Protest Against Green Agenda * Biden's climate czar dodges when asked how blocking natural gas projects will lower emissions
  14. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-24-24 Washington Post promotes Pope's Green Sabbath / Sunday to combat Climate Change * VIDEO: Davos is now a ‘debaucherous insane asylum’ * US in deep freeze while much of the world is extra toasty? Yet again, it’s climate change
  15. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-17-24 Pope Francis: Human Gluttony Is ‘Killing the Planet’ * You Can’t Make This Up… NBC News Claims Climate Change Killed Off “Real King Kong” Giant Apes 295,000 Years Ago — “Did Not Fall off the Empire State Building” * Government guesses on climate change and disasters 'flawed and misleading' * Fear-mongering global elites identify most severe threats * Nikki Haley Parroted Leftist Talking Point Suggesting Climate Change to Blame for Mass Immigration * John Kerry to Step Down as Biden Climate Czar After Operating in Secret For Three Years (Who's Next?!) * Peter Sweden: CLIMATE MADNESS – Wind turbines FREEZING in the cold * VIDEO: Are Hydrocarbons NOT Fossil Fuels? Do Carbon Emissions NOT Cause Global Warming? Tucker Tackles TABOO Subject, Tells How These Substances Were Found on Saturn’s Moon * VIDEO: John Kerry snaps at reporter over question on carbon footprint: 'Stupid' (It's 'a stupid question' when you can't answer)  Left Wing Climate Activist Endorses Blowing up Pipelines and Admits People Could be Killed * At Least Five Dead from Hypothermia in Recent Continental Freeze – Annual Global Freezing Deaths Still 9 Times More Common than Global Warming Deaths * Davos Climate Crazy Demands International Criminal Court Prosecute ‘Ecocide’, Punish Farmers Alongside War Criminals * Nolte: Washington Post Buries Inconvenient Facts of EV Trip to South Pole * 'This is crazy. It's a disaster. Seriously': Bitter cold freezes EV charging
  16. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-10-24 Report highlights green agenda failures in Europe * VIDEO: Dangerously cold temperatures headed to the Prairies (g-g-global w-w-warming?) * How the climate-obsessed media ignore coal's life-saving role * State court delivers major setback to Delaware in climate change lawsuit against Big Oil * VIDEO: Climate Change is Anti-Human * Pakistani Leader Calls for Global Unity to Fight Diseases and Emergencies Caused by Climate Change
  17. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-03-24 VIDEO: Al Gore follows history of wrong climate predictions with dire new warning (The Pope must be paying him a TON!) * VIDEO: WEF King Charles Uses Christmas Message to Advance Climate Narrative * WHO chief demands 'plant-based' food systems to 'save planet' * U.N. Says Mind Your Language — ‘No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster’ * New year to bring the coldest storm of the season so far, officials say (Global WARMING?) * Sweden Records Coldest January Evening in 25 Years
  18. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-20-23 Here We Go Again: (Vatican) Scientists Propose Radical ‘Sunshade’ Plan to Fight ‘Climate Change’ * VIDEO: Serial Liar Al Gore Ramps Up Hysteria: “If We Don’t Take Action There Could be as Many as 1 Billion Climate Refugees” 
  19. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-20-23 ANOTHER INSANE EXCUSE: CNN Blames Climate Change for ‘Record’ Bear Attacks in Japan * VIDEO: Woke Lancet: Climate Change ‘the Biggest Global Health Threat of the 21st Century’ (Vatican paid protesters)  * Study: Humans Contributing to Global Warming by Breathing (ROTFL) * ANOTHER INSANE EXCUSE: Nolte: Study Blames Flight from Democrat-Run Cities on Climate Change * Christmas gifts: The latest target of climate changers ("Christmas gifts?")
  20. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-13-23 EXACTLY as prophesied: Faith-based Engagement at COP28 * Pope calls on all to reject Nationalism in response to CLIMATE CHANGE! * VIDEO: ‘Climate alarmists’ take from the Marxist playbook * Al Gore: Any messaging opposing my view is a 'threat to democracy' * How Tax-Exempt Nonprofits Skirt U.S. Law to Turn Out the Democrat Base in Elections * SDA Church promoting Climate Change for Pope (Also see this)
  21. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-06-23 AS PROPHESIED Pope using Climate Change to push SUNDAY LAWS! * AS PROPHESIED - Pope Francis: The Problem of Climate Change Is ‘a Religious Problem * Pope Francis Signs Declaration Affirming ‘Global Climate Crisis’ * VIDEO: Kayleigh McEnany BLASTS UN over latest climate claim: 'What a joke' * “The Climate Change Argument Against Cows Is Garbage and We Will Not Comply” * Pope Francis to COP28: Climate Has ‘Run Amok,’ Planet ‘Overheating’ * John Kerry Scolds World on Climate: ‘Not Everybody Is Doing What They Promised' (THE POPE) * COP28 President Declares ‘No Science’ in Demands for End to Fossil Fuel Use * Leo Hohmann: IMF Boss Says Governments Need to Impose Global Carbon Tax on Citizens to Punish Them for Using Energy * VIDEO: Ignored by COP28 Death Cult: Major Study Finds Nine Times more Deaths Due to Freezing Cold than to Heat Deaths Every Year * Despite All the Climate Alarmism Over ‘Global Warming’ at the COP28, the Northern Hemisphere Suffers Through Blistering Cold Temperatures at the Onset of Winter
  22. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-29-23 Upcoming U.N. climate confab could have largest carbon footprint in event's history (hypocrites!) * Elites Meet: 70,000+ Attendees Flying to Dubai for COP 28 Climate Summit * Eat Bugs and Live in a Pod: United Nations to Tell First-World Countries to Limit Meat Consumption in Food’s First ‘Net Zero Plan’ * Great Reset: U.N. to Order an End to Meat Eating Because… Climate Change * Vatican's "Ecological Sundays 2023-24
  23. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-22-23 Woke Lancet Warns: ‘Highest Global Temperatures in over 100,000 Years’ (30,000+ Scientists say that's a LIE) * How Dare You: U.N. Attacks ‘Severe’ Jail Sentences for Climate Protesters * Joe Biden is Invoking Wartime Powers to Push the Left’s ‘Green’ Agenda * VIDEO: Dem Rep. Phillips: ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Is ‘a Climate Bill’ — Infrastructure, Chips Bills Also Didn’t Address Costs * Biden backs new plan to cripple coal industry at U.N. climate summit * Vatican launches sustainable mobility programme 'Ecological Conversion 2023'
  24. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-15-23 WEF Warns ‘Climate Change’ Causing Sudden Heart Attack Surge * VIDEO: Roman Catholic Joe Biden as World Teeters on WWIII: Climate Change is the “Ultimate Threat to Humanity” * Biden's new climate report touts use of 'indigenous knowledge'
  25. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-08-23 How 'climate change' policies can hurt people! * Biden focuses on 'deploying a climate army' * Why cheetahs will be especially vulnerable to climate change, according to new research * VIDEO: Rep. Josh Brecheen Proposes to Scrap John Kerry’s Climate Job Which Prioritizes ‘Radical Climate Policy’ over National Security
  26. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-01-23 The Pope will IGNORE THIS to continue his prophesied climate change agenda * Catholic climate activists hold vigil outside oil conference * VIDEO: SDA Leader Ganoune Diop Engages in Eastern Mantra Meditations and the Invocation of Pagan Deities for the PLANET 
  27. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-25-23 Roman Catholic Leader of  says We’re All Doomed: U.N. Warns Planet Earth on the Eve of Destruction * How judges could be ordering 'green' ideologies
  28. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-18-23 Climate coup alert! White House wants federal environmental law changed * Biden admin hands $400,000 to eco-activists who fought to block key gas pipeline * Climate lawsuit seen as pathway to full-blown 'Green New Deal' * VIDEO: French Nun Takes Down Climate Change Activist Blockading Church Construction Site Amid Carbon Footprint Concerns * Eco Warrior Greta Thunberg Arrested… Again (keeps her in limelight) * VIDEO: Janet Yellen Hails Globalism: Biden ‘Not Attempting to Decouple from China’ * Pope Francis Met with Muslim COP-28 President to Advance Rome’s Climate Message * City councils of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague Promote "Car Free Sunday"
  29. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-11-23 VIDEO: WATCH: A real climate scientist debunks 'crisis' claims * Biden spokesman: President 'absolutely' firm that climate change 'more frightening' than nuclear war
  30. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-04-23 WhoooOOoOoOops: Energy needs of EV battery plant will keep coal plant online * Asset Managers Using State Pensions to Push ‘Racial Equity Audits’, Green Energy Schemes * $150,000 if you can come up with a good comment the powers that be can use to push climate change or covid 19 * World Economic Forum wants to CRIMINALIZE 'climate inaction'! (This is how they enforce the MARK) * Unelected Bureaucrats Want to Make it a CRIME to Ignore Their Green Ideology! * 800 Climate Spy Cameras Damaged or Stolen as London Revolts Against Green Agenda * Pope Francis: Americans’ ‘Irresponsible Lifestyle’ Fuels Climate Crisis
  31. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-27-23 Not climate change: Arson confirmed as cause of state's largest-ever blaze * VIDEO: Kamala said this with a straight face * VIDEO: Even Bill Gates is pushing back on climate hysteria * VIDEO: Kamala Harris claims 'climate anxiety' causing young Americans not to buy homes * Blue city debates $750 million 'climate investment' amid rampant homelessness, crime, drugs * Elites Enjoy Lavish Dinner at Palace of Versailles While Discussing Climate Change (They eat rich and demand everyone else eat bugs) * The elites' breathtaking strategy for ruling entire world exposed * Homeowners Face Rising Insurance Rates as Climate Change Makes Wildfires, Storms More Common (Problem is, 84% of "wildfires" are set by man) * ‘Center of the Energy Universe’: Industry, Political Leaders Convene in Oklahoma for Energy Security Summit * VIDEO: World Economic Forum with John Kerry’s Daughter Vanessa Suggests Using “Emotion” from Pandemic and “Storytelling” To Advance Climate Crisis Narrative * Climate Cult high priests increasingly rule the world (Hmmm no mention of the POPE?!)
  32. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-20-23 30 companies to represent Israel at COP28 in UAE (Why "companies" and not nations? Read Revelation 13:17) * Joe Biden: Climate Change ‘More Frightening’ Than Nuclear War * VIDEO: WATCH: Arrests Made as Global Climate Protesters Demand End to Fossil Fuels * Biden plans to target America's industrial backbone with new climate crackdown * THE GREAT RESET: Radical Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Begins Implementing Climate Organization’s Goal to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030 * Pope Francis to Bill Clinton: We Must Halt the ‘Ecological Catastrophe’ of Climate Change * VIDEO: Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Opens General Assembly with Demand for $100 Billion to Fight ‘Climate Chaos’ * VIDEO: Leftist Colombian President Predicts Billions of Climate Migrants in Unhinged U.N. Address * Biden is Using Executive Power to Create New Deal-style American Climate Corps * Climate Cult high priests increasingly rule the world (no mention of the POPE?!) * Homeowners Face Rising Insurance Rates as Climate Change Makes Wildfires, Storms More Common (But those wildfires were INTENTIONALLY set)
  33. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-13-23  Green Sunday arrives this weekend * The elites' breathtaking strategy for ruling entire world exposed * Makati to implement car-free Sunday mornings at Ayala Avenue in September * Western nation pushes people to stop heating homes at night to save planet * VIDEO: Joe Biden Goes Off Script: Global Warming “Going Above 1.5 degrees in the Next 2010 Years” Is More Frightening Than Nuclear War * NPR: Venice Italy Endangered by ‘Human-Caused Climate Change’ (Lies become truth and truth becomes "misinformation")
  34. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-06-23 Fact Check: Is This the Hottest Summer on Earth (NOPE!) * Not climate change: Arson confirmed as cause of state's largest-ever blaze (Govt Arson?) * Top Climate Scientist Reveals the Key Fact He Deliberately OMITTED In “Climate Change” Paper to Pacify Woke Editors and Get His Paper Published in Top Scientific Journal * VIDEO: Alarmists Predict ‘1 Billion’ Deaths from Climate Change This Century * Africa Climate Summit Hears Calls for Carbon Tax on World’s Richest Nations (Always about $$$) * Roman Catholic Doomsayer U.N. Chief Guterres Warns ‘Climate Breakdown Has Begun’
  35. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-30-23 Claim of climate 'emergency' debunked by 1,600 scientists! (Remember these 31,487 Scientists?) * VIDEO: This climate change narrative just got debunked * Study: Paper Straws Pushed By Climate Cultists May Contain Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ * VIDEO: Why Are There So Many Fires? Dr. David Martin Unveils What He Thinks Is Behind It * VIDEO: Pope Francis Calls on Nations to ‘End the Era of Fossil Fuel’ * Leftists now fund top news agency's 'reporting' on major issues: Report
  36. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-23-23 Climate emergency? Biden would be 'basically declaring himself dictator' * Climate Change” Crusher: Publishes Video Claiming 14% INCREASE in Green Vegetation. Mostly Due to Excess Carbon in Air * WSJ: Hawaiian Electric Focused on Climate Change, Neglected Wildfire Risk * Judge bends to whining teens on climate change, makes huge ruling * Nolte: ‘Barren’ Disney Theme Parks Blamed on Climate Change * VIDEO: This climate hypocrisy is 'staggering' * Sadiq Khan Pressured Scientists to Support Anti-Car Scheme as Study Showed Minimal Impact on Pollution: Report * THE GREAT RESET: Report Reveals Globalist Climate Organization’s Goal to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030 * Study: Rich people flood world with emissions while lecturing others to go green * VIDEO: Meteorologist Blasts MSNBC for Trotting Out TV Stooge Bill Nye to Hype Climate Change After Tropical Storm in California
  37. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-16-23 Jesuit Priest: Humans Are Like ‘Frogs’ in Water Boiled by Global Warming (Read the Jesuit Oath he took) * White House: ‘All’ Big Storms ‘We Continue to See Are Definitely Caused’ by Warming, Might Declare Emergency * EPA's new climate rule would cause rolling blackouts in huge swath of America * VIDEO: Using another "intentional" fire to fuel climate change * WEF Orders Govt’s To BAN Public From Driving Cars To Fight ‘Global Boiling’
  38. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-09-23 Elites bankrolling group that supports climate criminals * The government-funded climate alarmism complex * World Leaders Must Be ‘Ringmasters’ to Push Green Agenda, Says U.N. Climate Chief in ‘Doomsday’ Interview
  39. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-04-23 VIDEO: WATCH: Climate-change theory up in smoke as video shows REAL cause of wildfire * ‘Man-Made’ Climate Change: Majority of Greek Wildfires Result of Arson, Minister Admits * VIDEO: 'The era of global boiling has arrived' warns the Roman Catholic leader of the UN * Climate of Fear: U.N. Chief Guterres Warns ‘Era of Global Boiling’ Is Here (This "fear" was prophesied) * VIDEO: CNN: Gas Price Spike Due to Climate Change, Shows Need to Act on Climate * WSJ: Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘a Real Mental Disorder’ * Nobel Prize-winning scientist 'canceled' for saying 'climate change is not a crisis'
  40. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-26-23 VIDEO: Catholics Promote “Laudato Si’ Sunday” in the Global Fight for Climate Justice * Climate Alarmists Project Doomsday Clock onto Rio’s Christ the Redeemer * Hide Your Gas Stove, Hide Your Water Heater: Biden Administration Sets New Efficiency Standards * Local Catholic Priest: Nigeria Trying to Blame Its Christian Genocide on Climate Crisis * Take one guess who Hillary blames for America's summer heat wave * Catholics, Anglicans, and Lutherans Walk to Church on Car-Free Sunday to Commemorate Laudato Si’ and the Eco-Sabbath
  41. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-19-23  Vatican Urges World Leaders to Take Action and Move Towards Sustainability Based on Laudato Si’ * VIDEO: RFK Jr.: ‘Climate Change Is Being Used to Control Us Through Fear’ * VIDEO: This is certifiably insane * VIDEO: Biden admin’s ‘guiding principle’ is climate change * VIDEO: This is the 'dumbest' PR move for climate activism, and it * The “new abnormal”: The rise of extreme flooding, briefly explained * Climate Talks? China Pressures John Kerry to ‘Properly Handle’ Taiwan * Report: John Kerry Admits China Climate Trip Is a Failure (That's because it wasn't about Climate Change at all)
  42. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-12-23 VIDEO: NASA Chief Scientist Blames Increase in Airline Turbulence on Climate Change (Are they going to start crashing planes now?) * VIDEO: Kerry: Fiduciary Responsibility of Money Managers ‘Not to Lose’ Money Is Hurting Climate Transition Investment * VIDEO: Climate Alarmists Fret over Too Many African, Indian Babies on ‘World Population Day
  43. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-05-23  VIDEO: White House reportedly open to blocking the sun in fight against climate change * VIDEO: ‘You’re a bunch of morons’: Piers Morgan unleashes on climate protester * Woke Wars: Radical Climate Activists Disrupt London Pride Parade for Partnering withPolluters * Biden opens door to Bill Gates-style sun dimming to fight climate change * Climate Change Keeps Making Wildfires and Smoke Worse. Scientists Call It the ‘NewAbnormal’
  44. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-28-23  Pope: We have responsibility before God to protect Common Home * Democrat Donor Arrested, Accused of Igniting Explosive Forest Fire Democrats Blamed on Climate Change * VIDEO: Watch — Democrat Elissa Slotkin: Climate Change, Not Woke Books, ‘Truly Harming Our Children’ * NYC Tells Coal, Wood Oven Pizzerias to Cut Carbon Emissions by 75% (Causing more businesses to close!) * Congress tries to bar Biden from invoking a national climate emergency * Apocalypse predictions abound, but humanity is still here * Net zero? Evidence says it's a 'green mirage' * Start Walking: NY Cleared to Impose $23 Levy on Drivers Entering City * Paris summit aims to overhaul global financial system for 'climate solidarity' with South
  45. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-21-23  Greta Thunberg’s Beginning of the End of the World Prediction Was for Today, June 21st (She DELETED the Tweet) * VIDEO: Watchdog hits John Kerry with science ethics complaint over climate change deaths claim * John Kerry Meets with Pope Francis: Fighting Climate Change at ‘Heart of Morality’ (Religious laws soon now) * Jane Fonda Leading Hollywood Heavyweights in Summit to Push Climate Change Content into Movies and TV to Influence Audiences Around the World * Climate activists try to shut down ports, bridge with their own bodies * VIDEO: Roman Catholic U.N. chief declares fossil fuels 'incompatible with human survival'  * Verdict in Oregon Wildfires Case Highlights Risks Utilities Face Amid Climate Change
  46. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-14-23 VIDEO: ROMAN CATHOLIC U.N. Leader Proposes ‘Global Digital Compact’ to Stop Online ‘Hate’ * Montana youth first to trial over whether state obligated to protect residents from climate change * VIDEO: Wildfires aren’t getting worse because of climate change. The real culprit will surprise you
  47. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-07-23 Net Zero Green Taxes to Increase Grocery Prices by £4 Billion Per Year * Slaughtering Dairy Cow for Climate Change?! * Climate fanatics slashing tires in 18 countries, including U.S. * Biden wants power over Defense contracts to climate 'cabal' bent on harming economic growth * Take a Hike! Road-Blocking Climate Activists Could Lose Their Drivers Licenses * Woke Pope Francis Bans Plastic in Vatican to Save Environment * John Kerry Despairs at Global Population Growth: 10 Billion ‘Unsustainable’ (Reason for PlanDemic 2.0?)  
  48. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-31-23 Pope Francis Decries ‘Climate Injustice’ and ‘War on Creation’ * VIDEO: Bought and paid for "Protestors" on Climate Change * The Red-Green Agenda: French Government Told to Implement Wealth Tax to Fight Climate Change * VIDEO: Watch: Just Stop Oil Climate Radicals Disrupt England Rugby Final, Pour Orange Powder on Pitch (HIRED "Protesters") * London’s Green Emissions Tax Will Result in France-Style Revolt, Protesters Warn * Jane Fonda Blames Men for Climate Change: ‘We Have to Arrest and Jail Those Men’ * Video Games Are Finally Waking Up to Climate Change * VIDEO: He lifts weights, he gets a movie deal, becomes Governor and suddenly he's an authority on Climate Change * California blames climate change for insurer's decision to withdraw from state (They lied) * 'Insufferable idiot': Dem calls for complete end to fossil fuels
  49. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-24-23 Pope Francis Invites Everyone to Participate in the Global Celebration of Laudato Si’ Week and Embrace the Call for Ecological Conversion * Williams: W.H.O. Warns of 9 Million More Annual Deaths from Climate Change * German Police Raid Properties of Radical Green Protesters * Climate activists smear themselves with mud to evoke flooding in Italy * News giant now a paid 'mouthpiece' for climate-obsessed donors * State to hear first-of-its-kind lawsuit claiming kids have a 'right' to a 'stable climate' 
  50. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-17-23 VIDEO: Biden’s latest climate action threatens US power grid, experts say * EPA issues climate rule forcing power plants to adopt expensive tech or shut down * VIDEO: CBS segment highlights how adding bugs to the food system ‘could be agame-changer’ to fight climate change (Wait! WHAT?!)
  51. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-10-23 Computer-modeled severe-weather trend forecasting distorts reality * State becomes first in U.S. to ban natural gas hookups in new buildings * U.N. Names ‘Climate Change’ a Top Threat to Babies
  52. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-26-23 MEPs Denounce ‘Utopian’ EU Carbon Tax As Green Agenda Marches Through Parliament * VIDEO: Kerry: Green Energy Will Be More Competitive if We Raise Prices of Oil, Gas * African official unleashes on Gates, Soros: 'My continent is not your giant climate laboratory' * John Kerry's 'powerful, unchecked' climate office faces subpoena threat * Pope Francis Says that the Climate Crisis “Demands the Creation of New and Far-sighted Economic Models” * 'Everything is connected': How sisters (nuns) are responding to the climate crisis  
  53. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-19-23 Nolte: NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate ChangeEvangelicals and Catholics: “The Battles we are Fighting to Promote Climate Justice are not Simply our Own, They are God’s” * Report: Climate Change, Disease Imperil North American Bats * VIDEO: U.S. truckers sound alarm after Biden's latest 'green' move: Matter of 'life and death' * Earth Day is a day of fear and hope
  54. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-12-23 VIDEO: Tom Harris Demolishes Climate Change Lies * Man ends his life after an AI chatbot 'encouraged' him to sacrifice himself to stop climate change * GOP urged to denounce ‘alarmist’ UN climate change report
  55. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-05-23 Chatbot tells man to kill himself to save planet, so he does! * ‘You’re doing the right thing’: climate activists plan to disrupt Grand National * Global Warming? California Snowpack at 221% of Normal, Among Deepest Ever * VIDEO: Proof Amazon "breathes" in carbon dioxide to eliminate it
  56. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-29-23 UN climate report is latest in string of cataclysmic predictions stretching back decades (that ALL failed) * Republican Attorneys General Call Out Biden Administration for Pushing Climate Policies amid SVB Collapse * EU Told Dutch Govt to Double Down on Forced Farm Closures to Gain ‘More Flexibility’ on Green Regulations * Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Says U.S. Needs to Work with China, Russia on Climate Change * Tractor Protests Spread: 5,000 Slovenian Farmers Stand Against EU Green Agenda * Woke Lancet Praises Pope Francis for LGBTQ and Climate Advocacy * Daines: SF Fed Said ‘Financial Risks from Climate Change’ Were ‘Top of Mind’ Issue as Fed Hiked Rates Months Before SVB Collapse * EU Central Banker Pushes Bitcoin Ban Under Guise of Climate Change * The Democrats' green monster
  57. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-22-23 Report: Nearly Half of ‘Climate Change’ Companies in U.S. Banked with Failed SVB * Climate Group Linked to Establishment Media Seeks to Shift Blame for East Palestine Train Disaster to Advance Radical Green Agenda * San Francisco Bay Area Bans Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters (Seriously; why do people still live in California?) * Democrat-Run City Bans New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change * African Nations Consider Swapping Debt for Climate Funding
  58. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-15-23 Huge numbers of Americans say climate change is a religion * Bernie Marcus: ‘Woke’ Silicon Valley Bank Was ‘More Concerned About Global Warming than Shareholder Returns’ * Biden Says Generation ‘Damned’ If We Don’t Fix Climate Change, Also Approves Willow Oil Drilling Project * oOoOoOoops...Nolte: Greta Thunberg Deletes Tweet Predicting Irreversible Disaster by… 2023 * Hillary Ties It All Together, Says Women Are the Main Victims of Climate Change, Especially In Ukraine * Greta Thunberg’s 2018 Prediction That World Would End In Five Years Doesn’t Turn Out So Well * Nolte: Fact-Checkers Busted Again — Biden Seeks to Eliminate 96% of Gas Stoves * Greta Thunberg's online climate change cover-up
  59. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-08-23 Biden admin makes stunning admission on climate agenda in leaked internal memo * Vivek Ramaswamy reveals the 'dirty little secret' of climate religion: 'All about power, control' * VIDEO: Ted Cruz leads 12 Republicans in blasting NASA over 'highly politicized' climate regulation * VIDEO: America has spent $100 billion of your money on climate change. How’s that working out? * Pinkerton: The Circle of Green — Big Money, Big Democrats, and Climate Change * Biden nominee to focus on climate change at the expense of poverty eradication * US intel community warns of 'complex' (climate change) threats from China, Russia, North Korea * VIDEO: Mayorkas Won’t Say Border’s a Crisis, Says Weather Driving Migration
  60. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-01-23 VIDEO: Watch — France’s Cesar Awards Disrupted by Climate Change Protester: ‘We Have 761 Days Left’ * Los Angeles area still blanketed by snow in rare heavy storm (Global WARMING?!) * Government Report: Amazon Deforestation in Brazil Skyrockets Under Lula * What on Earth? Now Greta Thunberg protests AGAINST wind farms
  61. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-22-23 In new book, "Christian" climate activist challenges (Catholic) church to take action * Senate Dems focus on climate change ‘alarmism’ in first budget hearing but no sign of budget plan * Socialists cheer Dem state’s climate bill mandating fossil fuel shutdown: ‘Will transform New York * VIDEO: Are climate activists to blame for Ohio derailment disaster? * VIDEO: Minnesota Democrat lawmakers push ban on gas-powered lawn mowers, chainsaws to curb 'climate pollution' * Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse Wants to Use Budget Committee to Focus on Climate Change * Rep. Barbara Lee launches Senate campaign promising to 'take on climate crisis' and stop 'MAGA extremists' * WWII-Style Rationing of Meat, Clothing, and Energy Needed to Fight Climate Change, Say UK Academics * Life-and-death problem with highly touted lab-grown meat? * Federal employees say forcing them back into the office endangers planet 
  62. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-15-23 To reach critical audiences, we need more faith-based climate news * Miami should begin 'preparing for evacuation' due to climate change, Berkeley professor argues * VIDEO: 'Cult of climate' is filling void left by lack of religious faith * Their lies cannot be explained and so they fear debate * VIDEO: Apple Series ‘Extrapolations,’ Starring Edward Norton and Meryl Streep, Predicts Global Warming Apocalypse: ‘We’ll Be Dead’ (Orchestrated Fear Mongering) * Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Warns of Mass Climate Exodus on a ‘Biblical’ Scale
  63. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-08-23  Over 100 Adventist Leaders With Their Churches Sign Commitment to UN’s Sustainable Devolopment Goal #13 That Aims To Combat Climate Change * Bill Gates defends use of private jet amid fight against climate change * Bill Gates' defense of flying private echoes John Kerry excuse for jet-setting around world
  64. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-01-23 California’s Sierra Nevada Snowpack Highest Since 1995 (Global WARMING?) * VIDEO: Jane Fonda links the 'climate crisis' to racism: 'Everything's connected' (Wait - WHAT?!) * VIDEO: 'Climatarian': New fad diet dumps red meat, coffee to benefit environment * Biden says climate change is bigger threat to humanity than nuclear war: 'We’re going to have a real problem' * VIDEO: Hawley: Biden Administration Is Attempting to Wipe Out Blue-Collar Economy, Culture
  65. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-25-23 Pope Francis Urges Buddhists to ‘Ecological Conversion’ * VIDEO: Hannity blasts Al Gore’s bizarre climate rant in Davos * VIDEO: Al Gore mocked as a ‘clown’ for Davos rant on ‘rain bombs,’ boiling oceans: ‘An apocalyptic preacher‘ * Kerry: Taking ‘Some Risk’ to Ensure Green Transition Is the ‘Job’ of Multilateral Banks * California Rains Could Have Supplied State’s Needs for 10 Years — If Stored (They need to keep the DROUGHT going) * Federal Reserve chair claims climate neutrality, but advocates for ‘stress tests’ * Science prof blasts green activists who ‘clearly don’t believe’ climate doom, ‘robbing’ young people of hope *  Leftist Elites Have a New Woke Weapon Aimed at Your Family * Massive U.S. automaker reveals $854 million investment into V8 engines amid shift to EVs (Hypocrites) * Climate group behind headline-grabbing protests is a ‘cult,’ former member says * VIDEO: Glazov Gang: Own Nothing and Be Happy
  66. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-18-23 Greta Thunberg laughs in video with German police before coal mine detention photo-op: 'Staged for cameras' * VIDEO: Virginia Democrats force state to adopt California's crackdown on gas cars * Great Reset: Individual CO2 Limits Needed to Fight Climate Change, Says German Scientist * EU’s Von Der Leyen Announces Green Agenda Expansion at World Economic Forum * Nigel Farage: Green Ideology Has Replaced Christianity as Driving Force of the Conservative Party * VIDEO: Detained, or Photo Opportunity? Curious Footage Circulates as Greta Thunberg Grabbed by German Police * Kerry in Davos: Climate change requires 'money, money, money, money, money'
  67. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-11-23  VIDEO: Climate Change makes men beat their Wives?! * VIDEO: A Dangerous Glacier Grows Inside Mount St. Helens' Crater (Global Warming?!) * Newsom Announces Cuts to Climate Change Funding, Mid-flood, Due to Deficit (Low on cash? Change agendas) * VIDEO: GOP Rep. Burgess: Biden’s Weighing Forcing Electric Stoves when Electricity Prices Are Skyrocketing * How Green Investors Pay the Media to Promote ‘Climate Change
  68. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-04-23 Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown 'trial' to Begin in 2024 * 'Humanity is not sustainable': Network airs apocalyptic predictions to ring in new year



  1. Humans, not climate change, blamed for 96% of mass extinctions among mammals
  2. UK Professor: Only Way to Save Planet Is to ‘Let Humans Become Extinct’


  1. Vatican ties virus rethink to pope's environmental appeal
  2. Mexican Cardinal: Climate Change Skeptics Are ‘Black Sheep’ of Catholic Church (For him to say that means he knows the Climate Change lie was INVENTED BY ROME)
  3. 50 World Mayors Fly to Denmark and Pledge to ‘Do Something About Climate’
  4. Mark Carney Says Firms Ignoring Climate Crisis Will Go Broke (This is how the BUY & SELL enforcement will commense)
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  8. VIDEO: U.N. Pushing Vatican Climate Change Agenda


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